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finding way back home

I left home from college for the weekend. As the college bus roamed through the city, I told my mom that I would come through the MTC bus. I boarded the bus and got a window seat. As I leaned on the window the frames moved soo fast. I closed my eyes to feel it….Continue reading “finding way back home”


dusks of hope.

When the sun goes down,I see houses lighting up the lampsthe street lights brightening the roadsthe trees turning darkand the flowers turning pale When the sun goes down,I see the stars gets sprinkled over the skywith the moon making its way inthe sky turning from yellowto orange to peach to dark blue When the sunContinue reading “dusks of hope.”


Hello all! After a long gap, I’m posting something other than prompt response. Hope it brings out some light in us. Recently my continuous assessment tests(CAT) got over. And my sluggish preparation has paid me off well. Leaving that aside, I observed something which really made me so irritated. I generally don’t make comments onContinue reading “envy.”


Everything in nature occurs in pairsstarting from the tiniest moleculesto the largest they all have a pairwith the other possessing contrast characters there exists proton with electronthere exists positive charges with negative chargesthere exists light with darknessthere exists summers with wintersthere exists sunrise with sunsetsthere exists mountains with valleysthere exists sun with moonthere exist starsContinue reading “pairs.”


Mood-spoilers ~ Me There exists a popular compound word mood-spoiler which is just a situational synonym of the pronoun ME. I’ll explain why in a brief way. We come across various actions, words and events every single minute. But not all of them affect our mood. Why? It’s because we perceive things as we wantContinue reading “perceiving”


Hello everyone! My assessments got over today leaving me free for the weekend and I thought of writing something which had disturbed me for sometime. So earlier this week, the state board had announced the results of class 12. Though the actual final exams never happened, the marks had been calculated with the student’s performanceContinue reading “Decisions.”