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Quarantine Envy Got You Down? You're Not Alone - The New York Times

Hello all!
After a long gap, I’m posting something other than prompt response. Hope it brings out some light in us.

Recently my continuous assessment tests(CAT) got over. And my sluggish preparation has paid me off well. Leaving that aside, I observed something which really made me so irritated. I generally don’t make comments on others’ marks. But maybe since I got back to offline exams after a quite long gap, maybe I found everything strange. There were people who got very good marks, there were people who performed very poorly, and there were people like me who got average marks.

Not everyone was happy, not everyone was sad. But most of the people I spoke with after the results were envious of their own close friends. I’ll take up a small example to dig this up. There was a guy(X) who was lying to us all the time about his performance and got really good marks, there was a guy(Y) who was working really hard and still got average marks and there was a guy(Z) who worked hard and got it’s benefits. These three were well known to each other and were very good friends.

What happened was… X got to know Z’s marks before him, and he publicly made a sarcastic comment about it. Z was sad about this and asked him not to repeat it again in his dms. Y was frustrated about his performance after working so hard and when X came to Y, Y gave a reply which showed his envy towards X. And when I heard this all in front of me, I just wondered why?

I made my mind clear that this exam does count!. But it’s not the only count. We have one more CAT, and moreover the end semester marks count for the majority of the CGPA. Also, what a person has got just reflects what kind of efforts he had put and we have no right to mock them with our sarcastic comments or envying replies. Yes, people around you are your competitors, but it is no good to try pulling them down with words. Maybe we could perform better than them if we really made our efforts worth and effective. But don’t let your stomach secrete more acids. It’ll only burn your stomach. Focusing on our progress is more important than focusing on others achievements. You’ll not always get what you want, but it’s sure that you’ll get what you deserve.

My mind was sleeping all these days and I didn’t feel like doing anything. With this post I feel I’ll get back into my groove. Thought this would help for a mentally better society. Thanks for reading! See you all soon


4 thoughts on “envy.

  1. Awesome post! Bullies ooze jealousy all the time in school and work but don’t realize that the person might be having it hard behind closed doors. You never know what someone else endured to get where they are.

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