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Everything in nature occurs in pairsstarting from the tiniest moleculesto the largest they all have a pairwith the other possessing contrast characters there exists proton with electronthere exists positive charges with negative chargesthere exists light with darknessthere exists summers with wintersthere exists sunrise with sunsetsthere exists mountains with valleysthere exists sun with moonthere exist starsContinue reading “pairs.”

One-Liner Wednesday -4

“Sky, clouds and trees make the sunshine beautiful” This post is in response to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday.Hope you all are doing good. As my schedule is getting soo tight, my frequency has dropped a bit. Hope to pull it up soon:-). Thanks for reading!!

happy birthday!

It is a special day. Seeing the title you all would have thought it is my birthday. But it is not. This is the first time I am posting something without a single guidance from my mentor. I didn’t even inform her about this. The first and last time I’m doing this for sure! It’sContinue reading “happy birthday!”


“Belief made her share the secret” We all possess secrets. But not all the people whom we talk with knows about it. It’s only the belief which makes us feel comfortable to share with them and eventually, earning someone’s belief is really hard and it does take time. This post is in response to Shweta’sContinue reading “secret.”


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