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There was a man
who tried to sink his soul
he whispered
that he loved her enough
his hands
were still on hers
her gloves
had ruffled his ink black hair
as it made him look younger
his eyes were open like a door
he thought
“how she would be blushing now?”
and she wished, she had that inevitably

Thanks for reading!πŸ’Ÿ Hope I’ll keep posting.


One thought on “mesmerization

  1. one man
    cannot sink a soul
    not his soul
    the soul opposite still less

    that whisper to a woman
    the woman in the man
    entered without asking
    since years
    without ever touching her

    even if the feelings
    burn like fire
    since then

    the wish
    that the beloved
    him, the man
    on the road
    met again

    the gate of hope
    is locked
    to the man forever
    remain closed


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