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There was a manwho tried to sink his soulhe whispered that he loved her enoughhis hands were still on hersher gloves had ruffled his ink black hair as it made him look youngerhis eyes were open like a doorhe thought“how she would be blushing now?”and she wished, she had that inevitably Thanks for reading!πŸ’Ÿ HopeContinue reading “mesmerization”


dusks of hope.

When the sun goes down,I see houses lighting up the lampsthe street lights brightening the roadsthe trees turning darkand the flowers turning pale When the sun goes down,I see the stars gets sprinkled over the skywith the moon making its way inthe sky turning from yellowto orange to peach to dark blue When the sunContinue reading “dusks of hope.”

rainy days

“rainy days are incomplete without dragonflies, rain-dropped flowers and hazy sky.” This post is response to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday . The sun and I both have been quiet missing out sometime here. I’m trying hard to keep on track in everything. But wasn’t able to avoid this long gap. Thanks for reading! WillContinue reading “rainy days”