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Is it the trees, or the sky I wonder who made me take these pictures! This post is in response to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday! Hope you all are doing fine : ) It’s a festival weekend ahead, though it’s gonna be a restricted one. Wish, we could enjoy it safely to the most?!Continue reading “daze.”


dusks of hope.

When the sun goes down,I see houses lighting up the lampsthe street lights brightening the roadsthe trees turning darkand the flowers turning pale When the sun goes down,I see the stars gets sprinkled over the skywith the moon making its way inthe sky turning from yellowto orange to peach to dark blue When the sunContinue reading “dusks of hope.”

One-Liner Wednesday -2

“By restricting our vision we restrict the beauty we perceive, the knowledge we gain and the opportunities that are in our vicinity.“These pictures are clicked in 0.6x, Hence they have a less range than a normal picture. This post is in response to Linda G. Hill’s One-liner Wednesday. Thanks for reading!🌟Happy September!💓