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finding way back home

I left home from college for the weekend. As the college bus roamed through the city, I told my mom that I would come through the MTC bus. I boarded the bus and got a window seat. As I leaned on the window the frames moved soo fast. I closed my eyes to feel it….

My friend texted me that she was near my college for a culturals event and it was about to end. I said I was eager to accompany her on her way home. We had a very bad fight a couple of days ago and we needed some time to settle in. I thought meeting her would heal us both internally.I reached her place and those few minutes where I was waiting to meet her seemed like years, but I had missed buying her something she asked for, the last time we met. So I went to buy it for her and was looking out for her. I’m not sure if she saw me first or it was me. I got super excited seeing her and she welcomed me with her arms wide open. I hugged her so tight that I wanted to apologise to her and say that I never wanted to leave her side . She introduced her friends to me but missed introducing me to them😂. We then got a bus from there to our home. The ETA was predicted to be 1 hour away as we sat down. We never felt that we had fought a couple of days back, maybe because we both didn’t want to ruin our time together. That’s how good we had understood each other, we found every moment together to be precious. We started talking about random topics, we talked about our friends, we shared our weekend plans, we clicked pics, and listened to a couple of half songs. We held our hands to feel the warmth though our hands were cold. I begged the roads to get blocked and drop us late. Still, it went swiftly as we arrived at our stop. We got down and walked towards the road. We had a moment to say a bye for meeting soon again, and walked on our paths as I heard strong horn sounds…

I woke up to find it all to be a dream and that I had come past my stop sleeping. I got down in the next stop and sighed at how good a feel it was.

Hello alll!!! It’s so good to see you all back again. My source of creativity went into hibernation for few months😶. Someone woke it up in me yesterday and I’m here rightaway. Thank you so much for reading!! I’ll try not to make y’all wait so long anymore, Sorry😔


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