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happy birthday!

It is a special day. Seeing the title you all would have thought it is my birthday. But it is not. This is the first time I am posting something without a single guidance from my mentor. I didn’t even inform her about this. The first and last time I’m doing this for sure! It’s her birthday today and I have decided to write 7 things I have got or learnt from her.

  1. The second time I learnt to read and write in my life was from her. She made me realise the beauty in words through her poems, rants and texts. Eventually her interest in literature diffused into me and here I am.

  2. She taught me how not to bother people’s demotivating comments, thoughts and actions. Ignoring was something I didn’t resort to, earlier.

  3. She taught me how to hold myself when no one does. She made me understand that it’s only me who’s gonna be there with me all the time.

  4. She taught me how to pick happiness from every small object. Be it a flower petal, be it a dead leaf or be it a dead tree. She taught me to take happiness from everything. And she is the best source of happiness to me.

  5. She taught me how to take care of myself and made me realise that it’s only me who is responsible for my happiness and sufferings.

  6. She taught me how to celebrate every small achievement, and how to motivate myself. I learnt to appreciate myself for what I have done.

  7. Friendship has love; friendship is not love. She taught me that expressing our love in words for a friend is normal! And now I express more often then her🤭.

The common thing I found in all this is SELF-LOVE. She loved herself so much, which made me compete with her to love her more than herself.
May this year bring you everything you wished for!! Wishing you the Happiest Birthday Hema❣!!!! I love you equally as you love yourself. We have a long distance to go and hence put up your seat belts and time is gonna pass really fast.

Though this is something personal, I chose to post it here with all our privacy hidden. I just wanted to share the best things I have got from her. Such a beautiful human she is!

See you all soon with another one. Take care and remember all of us have someone like her with us who stands by our side all the time. Take care of them too. Bye!

btwhema!, Did u find any error?!👀😂


10 thoughts on “happy birthday!

      1. Hema’s recent “like” of my comment above has prompted me to revisit this lovely piece… so I’d like to add my thanks to each/both of you for following my blog, which prompted me to find yours in return. I have read perhaps tens or hundreds of articles with similar tips, and have written a few myself on various blogs and in private journal entries, but the way you presented yours, so humbly and kindly, is what makes it very special. Best wishes to each/both of you, and much love for your future kind endeavours, within and outside of the blogging world. 🙏💗

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