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a dinner.

It’s been a long wait for us
we had to wait, wait and just wait
for the perfect moment
situations always played against us
struggle had become a routine
every time we tried to make a plan
maybe it was to make us miss each other

and one day our nth plan
was put into execution
we knitted perfect lies
from every hole
through which our happiness
could be pulled out

as the day arrived
we were so excited
and were waiting for the sun to fall
we had planned for a candlelight dinner
at a restaurant where nobody
would find us
our curiosity made it impossible
for us to not blush

I were able to feel her presence once I entered the place
I followed my instincts
and yes, it was her
who had reached the place first
as I walked through the window
I could see her guiding her hair behind her ears
she wore a earring which had the design
that I had sent her in a drawing

as her eyes caught me
we both were smiling broadly
which had no lies
as I rushed to the table
I could see her eyes
filled with tears of love
making me emotional too

I took my seat
and asked her how do you feel
she said, “I’ve never waited for something this long,
and this wait was worth it.”
as she caught me blushing
her eyes glimmed in the candle lights
I asked for hand
and she extended her elbow immediately
our fingers interlocked
our eyes were screaming in joy
and our hearts were pumping happy hormones
to every part of us
our eyes took the job of communicating
and our mouth ate food which was never felt

the number of weeks we had waited
outnumbered the number of minutes we had met
yet, we felt to be the happiest people on earth
as we prepared to leave with no plan of meeting soon
I hugged her gently
and said, “I’m not gonna miss you for this long again my dear”
she said “yes” in a trembling voice
I dropped her near her house
as we hoped to meet soon
we let our eyes talk for a minute
and left with a smile and not with a bye
maybe this is how time makes us feel
with our best friends.

At last, I wrote something romantic on the last day of 18🙈. Hope you’d like it👀
Thanks for reading!
See you soon!!


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